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Jenny: Do you have any sisters?

Mark: Yes, I have two younger sisters.

Jenny: Okay. I want you to ask them a question and the most important thing is that you really listen to their answer. I want you to ask your sisters about the very first time that they were intruded upon by some man, or a boy.

Mark: What makes you think that my sisters have been intruded upon?

Jenny: Because there isn’t a single girl or woman in this world that hasn’t been intruded upon, and sometimes, it’s relatively benign, and sometimes, it’s so fucking painful that you have no idea what this feels like.

Christianity is merely a system for turning priestesses into handmaidens, queens into concubines, and goddesses into muses.
Tom Robbins - Jitterbug Perfume

From Planned Parenthood bombings to excommunicated nuns to legislative manipulation, I feel like a battering ram is being used against the women of this country. Stop it, every person without a vagina who thinks they have a say in what happens to mine. Stop it, every person with a vagina that isn’t mine. Stop making me repeat myself. Stop making me spend my time and energy fending off this degrading mental and ideological abuse.

It’s not moral or ethical to batter another person with the same question over and over and over in different phrasings, breaking them down to the point of exhaustion – then act against their oft-expressed wishes the moment they can no longer defend themselves. That’s not the behavior of someone who should be making laws. It’s the behavior of a spoiled child.

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No Man Can Go On Loving A Weepy Woman…

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Thanks So Much Women's Movement

  • Sister: This is why I need a man to put things together for me.
  • Bunnu: And that's why I don't want a man.