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Cry-Baby was my first John Waters movie. I was 8 when I saw it. Serial Mom was my second Waters movie. My sister and I rented it from Blockbuster so many times that we could have put on a two person stage show. I don’t know what my mother was thinking, but I thank her.

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Opened the mailbox and there was a box addressed to me with this inside!!! I wanted to watch it recently and didn’t have it, so my cousin sent it. TOP THAT!!

John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

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Sometimes I pause and it’s just perfect.

Fun fact: My dad named my brother after Dick Tracy and Ian Fleming.

My brothers name is Dick Fleming.

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I learned who directed Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

  • Me: Thor Freudenthal. Which is like a fake name, right? Like he is REALLY Thor Odinson, but he doesn't want anyone to know so he's pulling a Marc Spector and directing Hollywood films.
  • Bestie: Haha
  • Me: Oh god I'm a nerd. Haha
  • Bestie: You are.
  • Me: That's terrible.
  • Bestie: Some smelly nerd is gonna love you.
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Trailer: 'Boyhood' - July 11

An uninterrupted look at the trailer.

I’m really excited for this movie.

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As a child The Tall Man caused a deep fear of old white men.

As a child The Tall Man caused a deep fear of old white men.

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