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This is the story of how my parents split up.

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Line art for the cover to Supreme Blue Rose #5

If you’re not reading Supreme Blue Rose you need to get on that.

Also, if you don’t want to just surround yourself in the art of Tula Lotay then we can’t be friends. She is amazing.

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Keep an eye out for DARK HORSE PRESENTS #2.

It features a story by Jordie Bellaire and myself… in fact it’s Jordie’s writing debut! Also lettered by Ed Brisson, above is a preview page.

Hope you all check it out; means we might get to do more.

Dark Horse Presents #2
Out September 17, 2014
FC, 48 pages; Ongoing

If Jordie’s writing is even half as good as her coloring this will be amazing. 

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deadly class #002

STORY: wes craig
ART: rick remender
PUBLISHER: image comics

Seriously… tell me you’re reading DEADLY CLASS? It’s like a kill-or-be-killed John Hughes movie!

Lucky for you it’s on sale!

Don’t be an asshole - go read Deadly Class.

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We as humans might not make it, but we can still look forward to a future that includes BAD BOYS 4.

D4VE on Comixology.

You should read D4VE. If you’ve read D4VE you should read it again…and tell other people to read it too.

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I’ll say it. The current run of Silver Surfer is pretty much perfect.

Each issue is a total delight.

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I agree with Luci.

I love new comic day!!!



So, today my first-ever (last-ever?) interior work for Marvel is on sale! A two-pager in ORIGINAL SINS #5! There’s also a RYAN NORTH story in it so even if you hate me there’ll be something good in it!

good times


Ryan North + Chip Zdarsky = Chian Zdarth

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Welcome back, Sex Criminals.

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