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When I was 16 one of my oldest friends called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a Backstreet Boys concert. Neither one of us were into them, but it was a free concert with backstage passes due to her father knowing the drummer in their band so, why not. If you’ve never been to a concert for a group or musician that has obsessive female fans let me tell you it is frightening. As we headed backstage there were girls between 11 and 14 screaming at us and saying they wanted to buy our passes. When we ignored them the obscenities that were thrown at us were ridiculous. There were quite a few death threats too. We got to hang out with A.J. for a bit and got a picture right before the show and then just as we were heading to our seats the rest of the ‘Boys’ showed up and we met them too. No pictures for that, but I will always have this image and know that soon after this he went into rehab.